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SARS Officials Arrest Soldier, Accomplice Who Kidnapped And Killed FUTO Student

Days after a 22-year-old student of the Federal University of Technology, Owerri was kidnapped and eventually murdered by persons who collected the N800,000 in his account, SARS officials have arrested a soldier and other suspects involved in the sad incident.

We learnt that one of the members of the gang identified as Godson Chimezie led SARS officers to the place where the body of the student was dumped in Anambra state after he was kidnapped in Imo state.

Godson disclosed that they poured a corrosive chemical on the body of the victim and a large stone which was used to kill the victim was seen beside the victim’s decaying body.

Narrating how they killed the 22-year-old student, Godson said they had stopped him when they saw him with his car and they accused him of being a Yahoo boy.

He further disclosed that they led him away with his car and took his money before killing him.

The others involved in the killing have now been caught and they said they killed the undergraduate after taking the money in his account so that “our image will not be dented.”

One of the suspects, Ifeanyi Nwaiwu of the Nigerian Army School of Military Engineering, Makurdi, Benue State said he ordered Isiah’s killing after he received N200,000 as his share of the money collected from the victim.

Godson Chimezie, 28 who is a military deserter and also a member of the gang said they ran into Isaiah while he was inflating his car tyre.

He said:

“We saw him while he was pumping his tyre in Owerri and we sensed that a small boy like him driving that kind of vehicle must be a Yahoo boy.

We quickly accosted him and I took his phone, went through it and discovered that he was an Internet fraudster. We immediately kidnapped him on the pretext of an arrest. We took him to our hideout and the young man agreed to pay N800,000. .

We collected the money, but Ifeanyi insisted that we must kill him. According to him, the man would dent his image if he walked away alive.

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