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The North may cut out of AGN if Senator Elisha Abbo’s appointment as patron is withdrawn – Michael Yusuf Michael

The appointment of Senator Elisha Abbo has ignite disputes and chaos in the Actors Guild Of Nigeria(AGN) as members of the Guild and stakeholders in the North have stood their ground that if the Guild withdraws the appointment of the Senator as the Patron, they will leave the association.

We had an interview with Michael Yusuf Michael who is the Senior special Assistant (Northwest) to the President Actors Guild of Nigeria and he explained the situation stating that stakeholders in the North are not pleased with the situation and the Senator is fit to be the Patron of the Guild because he is a man of honour who apologized to Nigerians over the Assault and has been philanthropic, holding the people at heart as the Senator of the people. He also stated that we are all humans, nobody is holy and we shouldn’t be sentimental. we make mistakes and the Senator should not be judged for something he already apologized for.

Michael Yusuf Michael who is also a professional effect make up artist stated that throughout his career he has met a lot of people and we shouldn’t judge people from afar. He stated that from what he knows about the Senator, the Senator is a good man with a good heart who only made a mistake which he apologized for.
Some stakeholders in the North are to hold a meeting on Saturday about this issue and he thinks there may be a breakout in the Guild if the Senator is removed based on sentiments.

In his words he also stated that Where were these celebrities that are against the appointment of the Senator when he (Michael) stepped on a bomb while on set and was hospitalized and needed N3.8m? Only his family, Segun Arinze, Funnybone, Director Onesoul, Senator Abbo, AGN foundation and a few others that helped him, He said.

He also stated that some people are out to criticize and not help build the Guild and industry at large and that is unfortunate. He also called on the 2 celebrities against the appointment to come online and state with facts what they have done for upcoming actors instead of criticizing the Actors Guild of Nigeria.

The Senator has done a lot for the people in the North and this is why the North is solidly behind him and if his appointment is withdrawn, then there may be a break out in the Guild says MYM.

We look forward to the outcome of the meeting scheduled for Saturday in Kaduna to know if the AGN will be divided or not.

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