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“I have never raped before even as an unbeliever” – COZA Pastor responds to Busola Dakolo

COZA founder, Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo finally responds to Busola Dakolo ‘s rape allegations.

Pastor Fatoyinbo took to his Instagram page to address Busola Dakolo ‘s rape allegation, he shared a press release from his church COZA as a senior Pastor.

He wrote;

I have NEVER RAPED before , not even as an unbeliever!

Excerpt from the press release reads;

Prior to now, we had adhered to our policy of ignoring rumours from social media accounts as we knew that several statements had been made to extort the church of money and myself through blackmail, harrassment and intimidation. We have refused time and time again to accede to their request, which had infuriated them overtime, because of this they have gotten more aggressive.

Unlike previous statements where innuendos were used and there was no direct mention of myself or the church, the recent video released on YouTube has now made direct criminal allegations against me in the interview granted by Busola Dakolo which fallacious, non-existent and which are all denied in every measure. As an individual and as a Church we love and support people and we will never condone any form of abuse, rape, harassment, or intimidation of anybody. I have never in my life raped anybody even as an unbeliever and I am absolutely innocent of this.

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