Gay dude gives his life to christ, becomes an evangelist

Openly gay man gets born-again, becomes an evangelist 2 hours ago 1700 views by Akinpelu Oluwafunmilayo Recently, news of a gay man who got born-again has shocked many online.
The young individual named Aaron Akrong is a renowned gay practitioner who does not hide his orientation. In fact, he has acted in the role of an activist who championed the LGBT cause for a long time. After promoting the gay lifestyle for a long time, Aaron has come out to say that he has met with God.
His status as a converted Christian has affected virtually every aspect of his life. The most evident sign is that his dressing has changed dramatically. Aaron used to keep dreadlocks and wear nose rings, earrings and more. But after his supposed conversion, he has stopped keeping this hair or wearing all such items. Even more, the young man has now professed himself to be an evangelist.

On his Instagram page, he constantly shares accounts of his salvation just as he shares videos detailing how he moved from being who he used to be to being who he is supposed to be.
An evangelist named Timothy Benfum narrated how Aaron came to know the Lord after several years of being gay and living the high life. See his post below:

“This guy here @aaronaakrong is one of the reasons why I cant stop telling people about Jesus. A guy who’s been gay for more than 20yrs amidst bouts of drug abuse. Was championing the cause of the LGBT cause in Ghana until God did what he does best. Now he’s a minister of the gospel turning many unto God through the power of God’s son Jesus the Christ. “He has serious giftings and the kingdom of darkness is in trouble. I’m so fulfilled everytime i see him because this is my life and what I was born for. All glory to JESUS. Keep soldiering on bro.”

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