Lets do away with political thuggery – Hon. Ezekiel Baba-Karik condemns the attack in kakuri


Hon. Ezekiel who is contesting for the kaduna state house of assembly (Makera constituency) under the umbrella of SDP has this to say aboiut the incident that took place earlier today 6th march 2019 in kakuri and we quote:

it’s is disheartening and unfortunate to note with rude shock the kind of campaign that the supporters of the All Progressive Congress have adopted, reports have it that political thugs and war merchants attacks wards within Makera Constituency at the course of their campaign tour earlier today.

The thugs who were well armed attacked passerby, motorist, market women and innocent youths, we the members of Hon. Ezekiel Baba Karik Campaign Organization condemn in strong terms this attacks and call on all relevant security agencies to step in and salvage the situation.
We call on all our supporters to remain calm, peaceful and relax not to take laws into their hands and remain law abiding. To our prospective voters I urge us all to come out on the 9th March 2019 to express their franchise, no amount of intimidation, violence and attack should scare us off from carrying out our legal franchise come Saturday 9th March.
To my fellow political actors,

I urge us all to do away with political thuggery and violence as we canvass for votes, for a long time the politics of thuggery and vandalism have been done away with and we have moved out and no longer practice such kind of politics, we should campaign with decorum and civility, not violence and thuggery, when the political elites empower youths today to serve as political thug they transform into unwanted societal deviants that will cause havoc in our state tomorrow.

I call for peace and orderliness in our wards, may the forthcoming election come in peace, I sympathize with as many who were attacked and I pray God gives us the grace to come out of this safely.
Hon. Ezekiel Baba Karik.

SDP Candidate for Makera Constituency
Kaduna State House of Assembly.
6th March 2019.

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