Ghanians say there is little or nothing to brag about after 62years of independence

A media house in Ghana took to Facebook to ask Ghanaians what they felt the country’s most crucial achievements have been since March 6, 1957 when it was founded. The responses were particularly gloomy. It was not hard fishing the most representative of comments on the general overview of things as Ghanaians saw it after 62 years.

Most people blamed the two main political parties, the New Patriotic Party (NPP) and the National Democratic Congress (NDC), for the misfortunes that have befallen the country. Others cited institutional failure and the lack of reward for a progressive culture. If the respondents were anything to go by, one would say that Ghanaians are very angry at where their country is after six decades.

The Facebook user added that if Ghana were a person, they would be on retirement “without even a kiosk”. Similar sentiments were shared by Comfort Akansiba who wrote that “We have made Ghana’s independence meaningless”.

This Facebook user actually things would been better if Ghana was still under colonial rule. Jesse Human Kind noted that: “Until Ghana learns to plan a long term achievement plan as a nation and not every day political promises, I’ll never be patriotic as a Ghanaian”. And finally, Edem J Bryan believes that all we can boast of after 62 years are “sycophancy and bad leadership”.

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