70-year-old Alhaji sprays money on his 15-year-old bride as she dances for him

We brought you reports about a 70 year old man, who got married to a 15-year-old teenage girl. (See photos here)

Pictures from their wedding quickly went viral on the internet, with many social media users condemning the marriage.

Now, in a new video, the old man, identified as Alhaji Yakubu Chanji, was spotted spraying money on his 15-year-old bride as she danced for him.

Though the wedding Fatiha of the couple took place on Monday in Lapai, Niger State, with family and friends in attendance, the ceremony continued beyond Monday as the 70-year-old man was spotted in a new video, spraying money on his 15-year-old bride as she danced for him.

70-year-old Alhaji Yakubu Chanji, reportedly known as Nafsi-Nafsi in Minna city was nicknamed “Chanji” over his frequent divorces and replacement of wives. A Daily Nigerian Source said;

He is a philanthropist in Kwangila area of Minna. He has contributed immensely to the community, especially the building of the community mosque.

We call him Chanji because he regularly ‘changes’ wives. In my knowledge, he married at least 12 times, but other people say it could be up to 20 times.

What we know is that he always keeps four wives in his house. Once he divorces one, or one of them dies, he immediately picks a replacement.

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