Kaduna State N-power Volunteers Protest Over Non-payment Of Stipends For 4months

Npower which is a social investment program is aimed at engaging youths who are jobless, therby engaging them in teaching, health or agriculture and also motivating them with monthly stipends.

Volunteers in kaduna went out on a protest yesterday 6th December 2018 over non-payment of stipends for4months. This volunteers(2017 batch) complained that since they enrolled to the program till date, they have not been paid and no reasonable excuse has been stated as to why the non payment of stipends.

A volunteer (N-teach) said this treatment is inhuman and it seems the officials in collaboration with banks are using them to make money or the oficials are side funding their stipends.

We implore the federal government to look into this case as the poor masses are been oppressed and treated wrongly. These volunteers deserve to be paid and o one should be allowed to sit on thei sweat.

The protest took place at the ministry of planning and budget, kaduna state and in attendance were media houses in the state.

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