Chinchong Shares Her Experience At The Face Of Nigeria Models Pageant 2018

Kada Naija blog had a one on one discussion with Chinchong who recently participated in the Face Of Nigeria Models Pageant where she came out as one of the Queens(Face Of Hope Ambassador)

See interview below:

Kada Naija: Good day Chingchong.. You welcome to this interview session with Kada Naija blog

Chingchong: Thanks so much for this great opportunity, Good afternoon Sir!

Kada Naija: Yeah you welcome

Kada Naija: To begin with, let’s get to know Chingchong. Give us a brief bio

Chingchong: Well,Chinchong Simon is my name,born and brought up in Kaduna,the second born from the family of 3. A 300level student of Kaduna State University, studying Pharmacy…A Christian by Religion, and a Model inclusively,Sir!

Kada Naija: OK that’s cool. But with this bio, one thing strikes our minds, is Chingchong your birth name or a Nickname?

Chinchong: Lol.. Actually thas my native name,the name is catchy and as such once people hear me say it they tend to ask me if am frm China and obviously its a NO,My full name is Simon Suzan Salama,but I prefer using d Chinchong because it makes it stand out anywhere I go,Sir😀

Kada Naija: OK dats good to know and its safe to say the nickname Chinchong was inspired by the Catchy native name right?

Chingchong: No doubt sir😀
Chingchong: You know you have to be unique in your own way,you don’t have to follow the crowd and that’s what makes one stand out amongst his/her equals Sir

Kada Naija: True.. Now let’s talk about your career as a model, how has the journey been?

Chingchong: Arrrrrrrggggh
We all know that nothing good comes easy sir,So far so good I’ve come a long way…and God helping me and begining to see myself starting my own Foundation here in the city of Kaduna

Kada Naija: Ok.. that’s a good one

Chingchong: Thanks so much sir

Kada Naija: You welcome.. So aside the recent Face Of Nigeria Models pageant, have you contest in any other or this was your first?

Chingchong: Actually dis is my second contest,I made an attempt via Face of Arewa this same year that was as of May/June but I didnt get to win so I decided to put more effort towards my career as a Model sir

Kada Naija: OK thats good to know.. Now let’s talk about the Face Of Nigeria Models 2018, how did the journey started?

Chingchong: It all started way back from January wen I heard of it even before the face of Arewa contest,I started working towards it….On the 25th of August I went for my Audition in Abuja,I was qualified for the contest…. After which we went for our camp on the 29th of October

Kada Naija: OK so how long where you guys on camp?

Chingchong: For 7days

Kada Naija: And how was the camp experience?

Chingchong: The experience in camp was absolutely wonderful,its one of its kind,Chinchong met different caliber of people…had the opportunity to get this Face painting from a famous painter by name Ragznation,learnt more of the catwalk,also met the president national Youth leader,just to mention but a few sir

Kada Naija: So basically it was a grooming process for all contestants on camp?

Chingchong: Yeah dats just it sir

Kada Naija: So what were the basis used for selecting the face

Chingchong: Ur coordination in terms of attitude towards everyone,your zeal wen it comes to the camp activities,your sales of tickets inclusive, your intelligence too isn’t left behind etc

Kada Naija: Was there any form of voting or it was just the judges decision?

Chingchong: There was form of voting too and your last performance on stage dat was why I said etc sir

Kada Naija: Ok.. So How was the support from the people of Kaduna?

Chingchong: I got massive support especially from my online votes,most people of Kaduna sent representative that base in Abuja to come support me…..the Love is real,I must say I owe them….I feel honored having them @all course

Kada Naija: Wow that’s cool.. We are aware you came out as one of the winners or runner up so to say, how was the feeling like?

Chingchong: Dat feeling is unique of a truth…..heaven on earth was the feeling😀😀😀

Kada Naija: Okay that’s cool.. Congratulations once more

Chingchong: Thanks so much I feel honored Sir

Kada Naija: You welcome.. Normally winners of pageants embark on projects, I guess the foundation you earlier talked about is one

Chingchong: Yes that’s it

Kada Naija: Ok.. Just curious, has your parents been supportive of your career?

Chingchong: My parent have been supportive on a 💯 their blessings,prayers and financial support can never be under rated…… If my parent don’t support my career I can’t embark on it no matter what the case might be

Kada Naija: Wow that’s good to know.. So tell us, as model where do you see yourself in the next 5years?

Chingchong: Awwww probably not in Nigeria any more,my dreams are much more bigger than my fears….i just pray fr God’s grace to see me through on all my endeavors Sir

Kada Naija: May your dreams come true.. Its been nice having you on this interview. Wish you the best in all your endeavors

Chingchong: Amen sir I appreciate.. Its a great privilege having time with u sir,I pray to have u interview again when you must have started hearing about my achievement sir….thank you and God bless you sir

Kada Naija: Amen.. Any last words for the people out there?? And how can they reach out to you?

Chingchong: I love this question…….to my people out there,never allow the fear of striking not to allow you play your ball very well,and you can reach me via my Facebook username Chinchong Chinchong, IG handle Chinchong Chinchong…..always know that its because of you all that I’m here today I love you all..

Kada Naija: Good one.. Have a lovely day ahead

Chingchong: Thanks I wish you same sir😀

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