Village School Children invent Generator That Runs On Water (Photos)

Emeka Okoye a convener and a tech enthusiast, has shared an amazing discovery of a village school in Akwa, Anambra State, where some school children broke the norm to emerge as one of the most gifted sets of kids ever seen.

The school was said to be located in a typical village with no access to internet, computers, and electricity.

They created a generator that generates 610 watts of electricity and it has been tested for about 5 hours, the most amazing thing about this generator is that it is powered by water, a discovery that none has ever discovered ever in the world.

Village School Children invent

The digester breaks waste including plastics into different useful and valuable components that can be used by for other things, they also make locally made batteries from discarded Dettol bottles. Each cell generates more than 3 watts of electricity.

More photos below ;

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