Mai Hauka Has A Dream; See What He’s Up To

Kaduna OAP Hyness took to facebook to post about @Maihauka and the whole idea of the stunt he pulled at the Rag Day in KASU.

See what Hyness said below:

I’m sure by now you must have picked up on a new social media trend #Maihauka in kaduna and those who are very observant would have noticed that I share last name with the originator of the trend @maihauka well yes, I confirm that he is my brother who I’m very proud of as he has always been a hardworking, focused and determined young man exceptionally passionate about making positive impacts on society which is very evident in his affirmative character, jovial personality and humble spirit that leaves you feeling better every time you meet him and even yearning for more of him. This passion of his to build a better society that we all can be proud of, has driven him to begin a campaign for a drug and addiction free Kaduna and by extension Nigeria which was kicked off with the Kasu students week rag day rally that also launched the #maihauka trend. If you also desire to rid our street of this scourge of drug and substance abuse we urge to join @maihauka in making this dream a reality. God bless Kaduna, God bless Nigeria and ultimately God bless you. #maihauka

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