Kaduna-Based Artistes, Here Are 10 Tips You Should Consider If You Wanna Be Successful

Here are some tips that would help you as an upcoming artiste attain success in your career.

Applicable to all upcoming artistes not just Kaduna based.

1. Get a day job: Get a job that is flexible and not too physically or mentally taxing/demanding, so you will have time, Finance and energy to invest in your career as an artiste.

2. Learn the hard way: Nothing good comes easy and it is not just enough to be a good artiste. You need to be your own CFO, CEO, business manager, and sales/marketing department. Also you should be persistent, consistent and learn to never give up.

3. Set both short term and long term goals:
Your goals should be specific, reasonable, and attainable. That way, any goal you achieve will give you a sense of accomplishment which is so critical for perseverance. Always have a set goal or plan of what you want to achieve within 3months, 6months, 1year, 5 years, 10years or so.

4. The goal shouldn’t be fame and fortune: Focus on more practical things like rehearsals, joining a performing arts union, doing a great pitch, and improving your craft on a daily. If your sole aim is money and fame then you getting it wrong. Do it for the love, passion, and also touching lives by putting smiles on the faces of your audience.

5. Make time for a personal life: This is Vitally important for maintaining sanity in the art.

6. Show up and cut the pride: Show up Not just on social media but also auditions/talent hunts, gigs, and any platform that will help improve your career not just by performing but also watching others perform, plus getting connects. Also note that We all learn everyday. About the pride ensure you cut it off else you may end up stagnated.

7. Eliminate distractions: As an artiste, avoid taking advantage of groupies or being a fuckboi but focus more on improving your art. Your career should be a priority so focus on it not the P*ssy or any other form of distraction.

8. Regularly pray: Praying takes a person away from personal ego and self-centeredness and cultivates a sense of gratitude and perspective. Also without God’s grace you are going no where, even juju no go work when God says no so always involve him in your career and all you do whether you a muslim or Christian.

9. Maintain your health: it is discovered that it actually takes less time and energy to eat right, exercise, rest and maintain your health than it does to eat poorly, party too hard, not sleep and make myself sick. You are what you eat and looking good is good business.

10. Learn that it is important to periodically reflect upon and celebrate the goals you have achieved and not be afraid to change my priorities with my changing life.

Lastly and importantly, ensure you invest as much as you can financially in order to boost your career. Thank you.

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