Linda Ikeji shows off nude baby bump 

Popular blogger, Linda Ikeji is living her best life in the United States as she awaits the delivery of her first child.

On Saturday, she took to Instagram to share some bedroom photos that indicate she woke up happy.

The blogger, who recently received a honorary doctoral degree in an American university, shared the photo with a powerful message calling on her followers to not only exist but LIVE

She wrote, “I hope you’re truly happy and not pretending to be

I hope you’re rich and successful and not pretending to be

I hope you’re truly nice and kind and not pretending to be

I hope you truly love and know God and not pretending you do

I hope you’re not breaking inside but pretending to be strong

I hope your heart and soul is not filled with pain but pretending your life is perfect

I hope you’re as okay as your smile, dressing and demeanor makes you look

I hope you’re not a battered, unhappy girlfriend/wife but pretending to be in love, well treated and lucky to have him in your life.
I hope you’re not holding on to people who don’t deserve you, and realise that your value doesn’t decrease because someone doesn’t see your worth

I hope you’re strong enough to let go of things that hurt and break you instead of holding on to it and dealing with so much pain

I hope your job gives you fulfillment instead of struggling through it every day

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