Lady Who Exposed ’50k Sex Guy’ Threatened And Called A Scammer? See Details + Her Reply

Waking up this morning to a post on our facebook page ‘Croccity Trends’ by ‘Kunle Afolabi’ Saying ‘Bae banx Mary’ is a scammer.

” Scammer Alert!!!!
Hello Friends and Fam pls Beware of this Lady Called Bae Bankx Mary..She is a Scammer and a big Fraudster..She Blackmail People and ask for Money.She has Cause alot of Breakup in Home and Relationship.. Pls Stay off wen u come across her” – Mr Kunle Said

See screenshot below:

Bae banx on the other hand replied this saying she is not a scammer and she was threatened.

“I am not a scammer, I have never engaged myself on any fraud activity, kunle afolabi be careful when you point a finger at me, cos millions are are pointing at you…. Seven days threat on my life? If anything happens I will hunt you for the rest of my life”. He threatened me saying in seven days I will see- Bae banx said

Also see her post in reaction to kunle Afolabi

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